for a global


the year 2099

coming from inter galactic space
wir are seeing a tiny moon circling planet earth
being in fact a space station guarding the population
und all environment there of

meaning > reporting any problem that will be observed
reported to all the argumentation centers on the planet below
where every language having their own cultural
indentity garanteed

through every day from about 16oo till 8oo the next morning
they are discussing all problems und are working on solutions
while resting and sleeping as well

and if any thing having to be done
then reporting this to the global argmentation center
so they can be arguing about the best solution


all problems created while all those democracies where in power
having been repaired > both human and evironmental

this legacy of the tyranny
of all those thousands x million anti sapiens
having universities for the perfection of anti all
being all presevered in libraries of
a vacuum for insanity

where any sapient entity being fainted in total emptiness
by all those driven > since nothing else being possible
only this mass on being all driven into not
having any kind of conscience


this anti conscience
of their perfect anti existence

since being for nothing less
then the end of all cosmos
the end of all life

since all being left
being death itself

where I have been looking
at all those for a hundred centuries
and saying to myself

there must be some one
being at the very least annoyed by all those
working themselfs up to ceasing to exist
since the reality being unbearable

where the highest form of being
becomng some help and perpetuation
of some other non entity

meaning to helping death himself
all over every land !

the year 1951

federal republic of germany

only 2 years after the installing this new government
after this shame before done through this 3. reich
we are having the same problem created again

through democratic legistration allowing
no human rights violations
to be forced to end

the year 1973

cambridge massachusetts usa

with the help of some of the work stations now available
some IT scientist at the MIT and some students there are finding
out the imposible !

if all staying on the same cource
this planet earth will be seeing

the coming beginning end of all civilisation
by the year 2020 > where in 2040 > 2060
nothing as we know it even today
will be left to save

the year 2022

galactic central information

having made public since 1999
the solutions being in place at the galactic nation
for an eternity  > argumentocracy > the cosmic religion
based on cosmic reality and the creation of this universe
we are starting yet another publication in the hope to finding
from the native population same with the neccessary wisdom
to be doing about some thing about their comming end 


we at galactic central
will never be telling you any thing
you can not be proving yourself to be true
we just want to be trying to inspire you
to finding out >>>

that you have been not told cosmic reality
since the beginning of time here on planet earth
and now it will be up to you > not only to be saving
yourself > but possible this whole population ....

of this doomed planet earth


being wrong

with you

there fore being a solution
from my point of view

being a problem for you

and a problem  > being for me
a problem and for you > the solution
since it being with these all earthly
just to glorify any problem
and the prevention
of solution

so being

predators under nature and human harm
so the destroying damage in perfection
but the of homo sapiens
exterminated !

that being why this world is such a catastrophe
that being why we do not have a rule of law
because that would make solutions public
and above all these problems as well !

so un thinkable >
this argumentocracy

the argumentocracy

as you and everyone

being traumatized to death

from your birth to your 3 x year

and only when
all are becoming death mentally and in character
so being a zombie of their parents etc etc

are you right for your environment !
because then finally being certified wrong

that being why I am always wrong
because I am so right !

and only if everyone going wrong
so wrong from the point of view of yesterday
everything will becoming right

so first
when there is no more freedom of expression
and only the freedom to describe the real reality
so according to the legal state regulation
can this world become right >
because so far

all being wrong

do you understand this now ?

the cosmian vision

dawning life

infinian life

cosmic life

religian life

invincian life

the galactic genesis organization

the galactic university

the cosmic institute
the institute of cosmic religion
the eternity institute

the utopia institute

published by

galactic central information